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Harry had a vision for his recruitment business

Harry Bowden first approached The Recruit Venture Group for help with his vision to take his recruitment business to the next level, since then his agency has grown significantly.

Northampton-based Pebble People cover the region’s commercial, driving and industrial sectors supplying both temporary and permanent staff.

After meeting The Recruit Venture Group for the first time, Harry’s mind was made up, he knew their financial and back office support was the right way to take his business to the next level.

He said: “I quickly realised that the business solution they offered was everything I needed to move my business forward.

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November 2014


May 1995

Commercial, Driving, Industrial

“With The Recruit Venture Group behind me, the Pebble People journey has outstripped any solo attempt.”

“The Recruit Venture Group would allow my entry into the market to happen extremely easily and the support they offered, from becoming operational to behind the scenes was absolutely seamless.

“The beauty of The Recruit Venture Group’s business solution is that you are financially supported from the outset and then genuinely left able to get on and run your business on a day to day basis.

“It is my business, I am in control and call the shots but I have all the support and advice I will ever need backing me up.”

Following the success of Pebble People, Harry has since launched two subsidiary businesses United Drivers and Henry James Executive Recruitment.

“The Recruit Venture Group have been happy to invest in Pebble’s sister companies, United Drivers and Henry James,” Harry said.

“These sectors were becoming increasingly busy and I wanted to give them their own identity, I felt they deserved it and the investment I needed for websites and headcount was provided.

“With The Recruit Venture Group behind me, the Pebble People journey has outstripped any solo attempt.

“I have gone from being a good recruiter to owning a good business and am still doing the exact same job, it’s a no brainer for any good recruiter looking to make that next step.”

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