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Healthcare Duo Launch Stockport Recruitment Agency With Ambitious Plans For Rapid Growth

Knight & Jones recruitment was born in January 2020 when Nicki Knight and Simone Jones decided the time had come to take back control of their careers.

Both Nicki and Simone, were experienced and high performing recruitment consultants working in the healthcare sector with a combined 25 years’ experience under their belts.

The duo decided after years of making money for those above them it was time to break out on their own and do what they had always done but this time do it for themselves in their own business.

Since launching Knight & Jones, Nicki and Simone have never looked back and are loving life in the best business in the world, their own business.

Nicki said: “It is hard work, but we are loving it.

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With a combined 25 years’ health care recruitment experience under their belts, Nicki and Simone wanted more…

“Launching your own business is the ultimate career destination for anyone, so to be able to do it is very special.

“Working in your own business is a great feeling and it gives you a real sense of fulfilment.”

By launching with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, Nicki and Simone were free to focus on growing their business from day one, without the back-office and financial worries than normally come with launching a new business.

“The launch process was made very simple by the great team at The Recruit Venture Group,” said Simone.

“They really take the hassle out of creating a business and leave Nicki and I, and our team, free to focus on recruitment from day one.

“We know that the business’ back-office function is stable and built on tried and test processes which allows you to go out and win business knowing you can deliver.”

Knight & Jones is currently based in Stockport, operating across Chesterfield, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Nicki described the team at The Recruit Venture Group as a valuable extension to the Knight & Jones team.

She said: “It is our business, Simone and I can have all the autonomy we need but with support from a team of experts in their field behind us.

“That support is a really valuable extension to our team and are on hand to help us with anything we need.

“I would definitely recommend The Recruit Venture Group to other recruitment consultants looking to launch their own agency.”

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