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Alan Miles of Jark, Worthing, had the ambition. He just needed the opportunity. When The Recruit Venture Group offered it he grabbed it with both hands.

Alan Miles had15 years’ experience in recruitment, having worked in IT, Engineering, Commercial and Industrial, for both temporary and permanent roles.

He’d recruited UK wide, as well as on his home patch, and he’d represented some of the country’s biggest brands in a range of sectors.

Along the way he would run a perms business from his home, but his grand plan had always been to start up and run his own temp focused agency.

If anything was holding him back it was all the ‘non recruitment’ things a business owner has to do.

“I was always concerned that having to manage these things would take time away from actually making money” he says.

Then things changed.

“When the opportunity presented itself with The Recruit Venture Group I grabbed it with both hands. I thought it represented the best of both worlds.

“I’d have the support available from central services and be working with people I already knew and trusted.

“But I’d have the freedom to really build a business in my vision –  with the help and guidance of the team at The Recruit Venture Group.”

Alan launched Jark, Worthing, with him as the boss, in May 2017. Operating primarily in Industrial and Engineering, the business soon appointed a Construction specialist. They now offer their services across Sussex and the surrounding counties.

Alan is totally convinced he took the right route. He would, he says, recommend The Recruit Venture Group to other experienced recruiters looking to own their own business.

“It is a lot of hard work and it requires dedication to make it successful, but The Recruit Venture Group offer fantastic support. It’s a brilliant way to launch your own recruitment brand.”

What impressed Alan most was the fact that The Recruit Venture Group are so well experienced in launching companies.

“They have the experience of seeing many businesses go from inception to up and running. They are financially strong and have some of the best in the business on board with them at senior management level.”

Now he is up and running Alan is the first to admit that owning his own business has changed his life.

“Most notably it gives me the freedom to build something for my family that I know we will profit from because of the work we put into it.

“Family is at the heart of everything I do and knowing I’m building something that is mine and my family’s makes me even more determined to pour everything I have into it.”

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