Recruit Venture Jark Worcester

Geri Munslow has built a multi-award winning recruitment agency since collaborating with The Recruit Venture Group and is looking forward to what the future will bring for her and her business.

Jark (Worcester) Ltd sprung to life in September 2016, providing temporary and permanent recruitment services to the industrial sector across the West Midlands.

Geri had over 15 year’s recruitment experience when she launched her business and says she felt empowered by the opportunities presented to her by The Recruit Venture Group.

She said: “I think the whole process was really empowering, being given the opportunity to launch a business without any risk was incredible really.

“The partnership with The Recruit Venture Group is built on mutual trust and with a shared goal, to build and grow a successful and profitable recruitment agency.

“I didn’t have to risk any of my own money, the investment I needed was provided and it was 100% risk free.

“Being able to launch the business without worrying about investment or resources allowed me and my team to hit the ground running.” 

Before launching Jark (Worcester) Ltd Geri was a branch manager and had spent several years before that as a consultant.

Speaking about her journey, Geri said she would have no hesitation recommending The Recruit Venture Group to other recruiters.

“If you can run a desk, or a branch, then – with The Recruit Venture Group’s help – you can run your own business.

“Too many people are put off launching their own business because they think it is a big risk.

“I would definitely recommend The Recruit Venture Group to those recruiters who have put it off, I was and I am sure you will be surprised just how little risk is involved.

“Being a joint venture gives you everything you need to build a successful recruitment business.”

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