Jeremy Baker had always wanted to have more input and direction in the way his agency was run so when he was offered the opportunity to become owner, he was ready to mould his business his way. 

Jark Recruitment


“Becoming owner of Jark Industrial in Warrington has given the autonomy I desired to run my agency the way I want it be.” said Jeremy.  ” I now have overall management of the business, I am responsible for the happiness of my staff and I control the confidence they will build in me as their leader as I develop and grow our business. The transition from Branch Manager to Owner has personaly made me become more determined and I fight harder to ensure my business becomes a success.  When you become an owner, it can be lonely at times but The Recruit Venture Group has ensured they are there to support me at anytime, they always go beyond the call of duty and are quick and efficient in the way they support my business.


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