Recruit Venture Jark Warrington

As an employee, Jeremy Baker had always wanted to have more input and direction in the way his agency was run and in July 2018 he was given the opportunity to do exactly that by The Recruit Venture Group.

Jeremy opted to launch his business with The Recruit Venture Group because he wanted the opportunity to mould his business into his way of doing things.

A combination of autonomy and support was a great mix and vital in getting Jark (Warrington) off the ground and quickly into the black as Jeremy explains.

“I felt empowered, it was my business and I was calling the shots,” he said.

“For years I had wanted to have an input at the top level and I finally had the chance to take a business where I wanted to take it.

“Combine that with unrivalled support and mentorship from The Recruit Venture Group and it was a great recipe for success.

“The Recruit Venture Group ensured everything was set up so that on day one we could hit the ground running and we kept getting bigger and bigger from that moment.”

Jeremy’s business is a multi-sector agency supplying a range of businesses with both temporary and permanent staff.

Before launching his business Jeremy was a branch manager, the step up from running a branch to running a business he describes as “simple and easy” thanks to The Recruit Venture Group’s support.

He said: “The whole process was very efficient; stepping up to the business owner was easy because I knew that I had the support around me.

“It could have been daunting but it wasn’t, it was simple and easy because I always knew who to turn to if I needed anything and The Recruit Venture Group removed a lot of the hassle.

“I had all the resources I needed and could meet candidates and clients with the confidence that the business could deliver for them.”

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