Recruit Venture Jark Wakefield

With almost two decades’ recruitment experience under his belt, David Hansley wanted and deserved more.

David had worked his way up from consultant to operations director for a national recruitment firm before deciding the time was right to do something for himself.

He said: “I had held lots of different management jobs and felt the next step was to look at breaking out and launching my own recruitment business.

“When I was presented with an opportunity to do exactly that by The Recruit Venture Group I jumped at it and Jark (Wakefield) Ltd was born.”

David’s business was launched in May 2017, based in Wakefield Town centre it operates across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Jark (Wakefield) Ltd operate specialist divisions across the UK including, Industrial, Driving, Power, Technical & Engineering and Textiles.

David took the decision to launch his business with The Recruit Venture Group because he knew it gave him the best possible chance of success.

“I knew pretty much everything there is to know about recruitment, I had been in the game for almost twenty years,” he said.

“But when it comes to running a business there is lots to learn but because I launched with The Recruit Venture Group I launched knowing that I would be able to focus on what I did best.

“The Central Services team dealt with the setup process and have provided continued back office support to my business.

“This support allows me to spend my time with my staff, my candidates and my clients to make sure that everything is running as it should.

“Being able to run a business without the time consuming hassle is great.

“We have grown year-on-year since launch and have a bright future ahead of us.”

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