Recruit Venture Jark Tottenham

“The sky is the limit,” that’s Adam Smith’s verdict after launching Jark (Tottenham) Ltd with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group.

Adam stepped up from being a business development manager to business owner when Jark (Tottenham) Ltd was launched as an independent business in May 2017.

Adam explains how he now has more freedom and motivation than ever before.

“The freedom I now enjoy is amazing,” he said.

“I make my own decisions on how I run my business and The Recruit Venture Group are there behind the scenes, taking the pressure away, dealing with all the back office stuff.

“Since working in my own business, I am definitely more motivated and driven to succeed because I am building a future for my family and I, knowing that the sky is the limit.”

Adam had been in the recruitment industry for almost a decade when he decided to launch his own business but he did so without any managerial experience.

His lack of previous management did nothing to hold Adam back, instead, he and his business excelled.

“I didn’t need to be a seasoned manager, I just needed to be good at recruitment and do the job I had always done,” Adam said.

“The great thing about The Recruit Venture Group’s model is that you are still a recruiter, you are still doing the same job you have always done but now you are doing it for yourself in your own business.

“It’s a unique opportunity and if you are a good recruiter looking to take the next step in your career then the model will give you the best possible chance of success.”

Launching with The Recruit Venture Group allowed Adam to grow his business knowing his accounts, credit control, HR, IT and payroll services would all be taken care of and could quickly be scaled up to match his ambitious growth plans.

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