Recruit Venture Jark Stevenage

Daniella Roberts of Jark (Stevenage) Ltd on how she realised her dream.

It was back in January 2016 when The Recruit Venture Group first talked to Daniella about the idea of her becoming a business owner.

“It meant running my own business, while still being able to focus on recruitment and I saw that as a fantastic opportunity,” says Daniella now.

Up and running by that May, Daniella and her business have never looked back.

Specialising in Industrial, Driving and Construction while handling both temporary and permanent recruitment the company has a clearly defined ten-year plan.

A plan rooted in attracting new sectors, developing the business into a one stop shop for all local companies. Which is where an even bigger strategy kicks in.

Based in Stevenage the focus is on Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. But the skills and service can be applied to any sector, anywhere.

It wasn’t that Daniella was new to recruitment. With around 20 years experience taking in roles from her first one ‘I was an 18 year old Administrator’ to Senior Sector Manager she’s a seasoned professional. What changed things was the opportunity to take control of, and feel secure about, her future.

Key to her success is, she says, hugely attributable to the back office support that comes with The Recruit Venture Group.

She said: “It’s what gives me the time to do what I am good at, and what I loves.

“Even with such great support, it is still hard work but when it’s your business and you know you can better your family’s life it’s a whole different thing.”

The business has made massive progress in just two years and with such a clear vision it’s set for an even greater future.

“The big difference between starting a business with The Recruit Venture Group and starting a business alone is that I am able to focus because I know back office side of things is under control.

“The Recruit Venture Group take the hassle out of launching and running a business, they leave your free to thrive.”

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