Recruit Venture Jark Milton Keynes

David McLachlan took control of Jark (Milton Keynes) Ltd in Spring 2018, after seven years working within the recruitment industry.

A specialist construction recruiter, David took the reins of the business – first established in July 2017 – with the backing and support of The Recruit Venture Group.

David made the step up from recruiter to business owner with confidence knowing he had the backing of the UK’s largest joint venture partner behind him.

He said: “Stepping up from running a desk to running a business sounds like a big step, but it is an easy step to take than you think.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s support allows you to make the step up while still doing the job you have always done and the job that you do best.

“I am still winning business and filling jobs but now I am doing it as the business owner I am keeping more of what I bring in.

“I am in control of my earnings and my business.”

The Recruit Venture Group’s Central Services time allow recruiters like David to launch a business while focusing on what they do best.

With accounts, credit control, HR, IT and payroll teams in place, David is able to focus all his time on bringing in new business and delivering the best staffing solutions for his clients.

David has been able to implement his own recruitment philosophy into recruitment and is delighted with what he and his team have achieved so far.

“I have been able to do things my way since taking over the business, I haven’t got anyone telling me what I can and can’t do, I am free to implement my business plan.

“I have built a great team and we have really hit the ground running.

“We have achieved a lot in a short space of time thanks to the support and backing of The Recruit Venture Group.”

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