Lorraine Griffith knew that when the opportunity arose to become the owner of Jark Recruitment for Scotland, she had to take it.

Jark Glasgow

“I was so excited to be given this opportunity, it has always been my goal and vision to run my own recruitment agency.  To become a success using  both my passion and expertise.”said Lorraine. “Having previously spent my career as part of a branch-managed recruitment business, I was used to being given direction from the top on how our business would develop and grow. So when the opportunity came available to become the owner of Jark in Scotland, responsible for the future success of all three branches – Caledonian, Glasgow, and Belshill, I thought ” I can do this, and quickly snapped it up. ” “I now have the complete autonomy to take my businesses in the direction I want them to go;  using my ideas and strategies to maximise profit and support my candidates and clients.”