Marie Parks and Danielle Mahon had successfully been running Jark Downpatrick as consultants for many years so when they were presented with the opportunity to become owners, they grasp it with both hands.

Jark Downpatrick

“Marie and I had worked hard together to build up our business and established a great working relationship within the branch. When the opportunity arose to become co-owners of Jark Downpatrick, it made perfect sense.” said Danielle.

“I had considered owning my agency in the past but was deterred every time for the pure fact that I would worry about being able to keep on top of the back office function of the business.” said Marie. “With the support we have from The Recruit Venture Group, it allows us to retain their autonomy to run the business our way but provides us with a team of experts who manage the day to day administration and financial side of our business.”

“Going forward we plan to grow the business into new sectors, providing opportunities to support more companies across Ireland.” said Marie “I am supposed to retire soon but I’m not ready, I love my work too much and remain passionate about helping Danielle drive the business forward to profit and success.”