Searlain McCormack had spent many years growing the Jark brand in Belfast so to become a business owner she had to feel passionate about the company she was to lead and grow.

Jark Belfast

“I had in the past been approached by other businesses to become an owner but having spent many years and hard work building up the Jark brand in Belfast , I was hesitant to let this go.” said Searlain “When the opportunity was presented to own Jark Belfast, I seized it with real drive and determination, confident I could mould the business the way I want it to go.  Throughout the transition from Branch Manager to Business Owner, I have received great support from The Recruit Venture Group and their back office support service allows us to get on with developing our business whilst knowing that the administration side is taken care off. “Becoming  an owner has  also allowed me to enhance our business offering internationally, removing previous restrictions to grow amongst the wider community.”

“I am excited about what the future holds for myself, my team and Jark Belfast but one thing is certain that everything we do now is for us and our achievements will ultimately become our success.”