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Mary Cox founded GotPeople in 2011 with the help of the Recruit Venture Group. It’s been a great success.

“Having worked in recruitment for many years, I am passionate about developing key relationships built on honesty and integrity, quality service, recognition, excellence, growth, and success.

“Great businesses are staffed with great people!

“Great businesses need great people and we pride ourselves on finding them for them. It’s the great people at The Recruit Venture Group who supported me that have made my business a success. I believe I have a great business – because of them”.

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May 2011


April 1994

Catering, Construction, Driving, Industrial

GotPeople has delivered performance, achieved growth and won awards.

Temporary and Permanent positions, in the Driving, Industrial, Catering and Commercial sectors, across Herts, Beds, Bucks and London. That’s the overall picture of this outstanding recruitment business built by Mary Cox and founded on her firm beliefs and values.

“Honesty and integrity, quality service, recognition, excellence, growth, and success are the foundation stones of my business. I could not have stuck to them without the solid support of The Recruit Venture Group.

The Recruit Venture Group provided the finance I needed at the time to launch my business and the ongoing support they continue to offer removes the day to day administration worries so I can focus on growing and developing GotPeople.

“My business has delivered results achieved growth and won awards. You only do that when the machine runs like clockwork, so you can get on with the job.

“The Recruit Venture Group provide everything I need for my business to run like clockwork.”

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Mary Cox has been adamant from the outset, in 2011, that what makes a business tick is its people.

She’s been equally forthright in saying that finding the right people and building the best team is something she’s been able to do because of the backing of The Recruit Venture Group.

With everything from cash flow to branding, admin to taxation all taken care of; and with the peace of mind that comes with 100% risk free financial backing, she’s been able to concentrate on the people. Her staff. Her clients and her candidates.

“With The Recruit Venture Group I have all the autonomy of a business owner. But, as well,   I have the support of financial backers who are also experts in recruitment. Add in their back office to drive my admin and it’s the dream ticket.

 “You can’t be ‘Passionate about Recruitment’ if you’re constantly worrying about your domestic bills. With rock solid backing, and drawing a salary from the get go, you can get on with growing your business – and having even less to worry about as you improve your financial future!”

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