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“The Recruit Venture Group has opened the door to my business dream”

That dream comes in the shape of her new business First2Education, which supplies the school sector with supply teachers and permanent teaching staff in the Hertfordshire and London areas.

“It was always my ambition to run my own recruitment business. I can’t believe the opportunity that is now in front of me.”

And for Katie Leng, starting her own enterprise with The Recruit Venture Group was all about getting the career freedom she always wanted.

The freedom to earn without limits, the freedom to truly work flexibly, and the freedom that comes with being in control.

“It’s also the fact that I’m now building my dream, not working to support someone else’s,” Katie says.

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February 2013


Unleashing her real potential

Although new to entrepreneurship, she says the backing of The Recruit Venture Group has given her the confidence and focus to throw herself into growing her business.

I toyed with the idea of launching the business by myself,” says Katie. “But with The Recruit Venture Group, you are given all the tools you need to succeed. You have the financial backing and you have that fantastic back office support behind you. My focus is my strength – recruiting – and I’m not getting distracted by admin or financial pressure. I wouldn’t have had that advantage just on my own.

“A big part of recruitment is about creating a strong footprint in the market and driving the numbers that you need. The Recruit Venture Group gives me the platform to do that and that’s so important with a start-up agency.”

Katie had more than ten years’ experience in recruitment before deciding the time was right to explore starting her own enterprise.

The process from initial enquiry with The Recruit Venture Group to launch day took just four months. It was clear, structured, efficient and stress-free, Katie says.

The Recruit Venture Group is also providing ongoing business and mentoring support for Katie to help her hit her key milestones. She is focussing on building her brand and developing the business’s culture, values and key selling points.

“I want to make a difference,” says Katie. “I do that through really listening to clients and candidates. I really feel like I can add value and ultimately be the go-to agency for education recruitment in Hertfordshire and beyond. And I want to do all of that the right way, through hard work, through operating ethically and by delivering an unbeatable service.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s senior team has really supported that ambition. They clear the path for you to achieve your goals, and then it is up to you. That is what is so exciting about this journey.”

And what about others who feel the time might be right to hand in their notice and become their own boss?

“I think if you are confident in your abilities, if you want to build and drive something forward, then I would say you should go for it. With The Recruit Venture Group, you have everything you need to make it happen and the rewards are unbelievable.”

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