Got People

GotPeople is a fast paced, exciting recruitment agency that everyone can thrive in. Launched in 2011 by Mary Cox, their focus is on work, clients and candidates, efficiencies, compliance, relationships, administration and innovation.

Like a family within the team, they support each other both inside and outside of work and together plan and execute their strategies to drive forward the business to achieve their targets and ultimately their vision.

Every day the team discuss the day ahead using quieter periods to update their skills, compliance, client visits and calls and essential administration. Most days are spent sharing information, with essential humour and banter in the office to make the workload flow easier. They remain highly motivated by the buzz they create, with personal targets to break and the enthusiasm to keep ahead of their competitors.

The all regularly contribute to innovation, finding ways to make processes easier and using their own initiative to make things happen. They have a great reputation within the local marketplace and this guides them to ensure they keep that reputation alive and grow their business.

Gotpeople is comprised of a diverse group of team members and they embrace this at every stage in the service given to their clients and candidates.

A happy team creates great results and every member of the team receives a performance review to celebrate achievements and highlights areas for improvement. Individuals are praised for the way they contribute to the company’s success with a well-deserved Thank YOU, bonus or sometimes even a team lunch. Never will an achievement go unrecognised, however small, every member of the team is essential to the success of its business.


Judges’ Comments

It sounds like a great place to work, friendly and very productive and constantly striving to improve.

Best Recruitment Agency to Work for 2017 Winner


Mak Personnel

Jark Belfast

Universal Personnel

Best Recruitment Agency to Work for 2017

A great workplace is built on great relationships and happy experiences. The finalists have demonstrated the ways their businesses as a whole have trusted, engaged, motivated and empowered their employees to achieve in their career whilst supporting and rewarding them for their own successes they have achieved within the business.

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