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Our Journey

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How it started

The Recruit Venture Group started out as Recruit Ventures in 2011 and we were born with the sole aim of helping entrepreneurial recruiters, like you, who want to start and own your own recruitment business.

the Recruit Venture Group Turn Over

We give you the opportunity to break out and start up your own recruitment business without remortgaging your home or borrowing money. With us you can retain your current lifestyle knowing you have a guaranteed income and enough headroom in your accounts to grow your business.

We exist to make saying goodbye to being an employee as easy and simple as possible.

Without the need for loans from banks, living off credit cards or remortgaging, over 55 recruiters have become successful business owners with The Recruit Venture Group and we want to help you launch and grow a great business… your business!

The Man Behind The Model

The reason The Recruit Venture Group exists today is thanks to the singular vision, determination, and ambition of its founder, the late John Buckman

A driven, bold and innovative entrepreneur, John recognised there were many professional recruiters out there who could successfully launch their own businesses. John’s skill was designing a unique and now proven model that enabled those talented recruiters to do just that!

John came from a humble background and left school early with little to show academically. This never stopped him. Determined to show the world there is a success story in every one of us, John went on to build and head-up what was at one point the largest independently owned recruitment business in the United Kingdom!

John was a true serial entrepreneur

John spent his entire career and working life building and growing many successful businesses.

From the moment he left the classroom, John set about creating businesses.

In those early days some would fail but many went on to thrive and still continue to this day. John’s passions for entrepreneurship led him into the recruitment niche where he focused much of his time while still growing other ventures.

Through the 2008/09 recession John had seen so many entrepreneurial people struggle and suffer the same roadblocks he had overcome.

He decided the time was right

It was time to give these dedicated souls the ‘leg up’ they needed to do what he knew from experience could be the greatest thing a recruiter could ever do – launch your own businesses!

So, in 2011, John launched Recruit Ventures.

Within five years Recruit Ventures had created 14 new successful business owners, turning over in excess of £49 million and generating healthy profits.

This proved that supporting people in achieving their dreams was the right thing to do and in 2016 John and his team opened up the opportunity to another 22 entrepreneurial senior recruiters who had a passion to own and run a business of their own.

Then in spring 2017 Recruit Ventures merged with Jark Recruitment, the recruitment firm he also co-founded back in 1996, to form The Recruit Venture Group.

John Buckman Serial Entrepreneur

By the end of 2017 The Recruit Venture Group had launched over 40 businesses and as turning over in excess of £130 million.

The success speaks for itself

John passed away in May 2018, following a long illness and in recognition of his great life, The John Buckman Foundation was launched in late 2018,  a charitable trust which will raise money for causes close to his and his family’s hearts. Find out more about The John Buckman Foundation by heading to

The business legacy of John Buckman is not limited to the past

He built a business, bigger than no man, and instilled in its leaders his vision, to create the biggest Joint Venture business in the recruitment industry.

Today John’s original dream, determination and ambition live on in the professional team leading and running The Recruit Venture Group.

The business is being driven forward with his qualities in mind – ambition, courage, determination – by the original team who flanked John in his success since early 2000.

The current team, some with more than 18 years’ experience, continue to run, build and support the group on a belief that anyone can succeed in business if they mix their talent with plenty of hard work.

So as the expansion of the business continues… the question John would have for you is “are you the next one?” If so, what are you waiting for?

Discover what we can do for you

Good experienced recruiters know what works… You know your potential for success and opportunity to earn money, but for years that potential has been capped and replaced by a “salary” a well-framed ‘dangling carrot’ for you to stay as an employee and only benefit from a “percentage” of your true potential earnings. Here is an opportunity to turn the tables…

The Recruit Venture Group Company List

You might be thinking…. “Being a successful Recruiter is one thing, launching and running a business on my own adds another level of complexity I’ve never had to deal with… payroll, staff, property, software, hardware, legal, HR and all that ‘stuff’ my employer currently takes care of…”

Well, don’t! All these classic issues, objections and uncertainties are taken care of with our blueprint for business. The Recruit Venture Group ensures ALL the above and more are taken care of.

You would be right to understand that these are needed and that’s why our blueprint gives you a solution to all these points and more straight off the bat…



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