Covid-19 What are the NHS doing to support rapid onboarding of staff?

The following approach has been agreed between the NHS and framework suppliers to enable efficient processes, whilst maintaining essential compliance:

Given the current rules on social distancing prevent face-to-face training, it is expected that suppliers must send candidates on distance learning alternatives.

  • A waived period of 3 months will be allowed for expiring training.
  • Video conferencing solutions will be accepted as a short-term solution for candidate interviews on the condition that:
  • Suppliers are required to robustly evidence that diligence has been applied to checking original documentation
  • Candidates are required to verify their identity upon arrival for their first shift .

Face to face meetings will be resumed as ‘business as usual’ at the first opportunity.

Any candidates should be required to complete a risk assessment document, to include as a minimum:

  • Whether the candidate is showing any COVID-19 symptoms (in which case the candidate cannot be placed)
  • Whether they have, in the last 7 days, been in immediate contact with anyone who is proven to have COVID-19
  • Any trips to countries outside of the UK when the candidate has returned from 25th Feb).
  • Any underlying health conditions that might affect the work they could undertake

During such a critical time it is important to ensure DBS checks are kept up to date and are active. In line with the latest update from the Disclosure and Barring Service, temporary measures are agreed for DBS applications to allow ID documents to be viewed over video link (e.g. Skype) and scanned images to be used in advance of the DBS check being submitted.

The applicant will still be required to present the original versions of these documents when at first shift.

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