Covid-19 Rishi Sunak predicts bounce back in growth after OBR forecast

At today’s Government daily press conference, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the UK is not “choosing between the economy and public health… that would be self-defeating.”

Mr Sunak was speaking after the government’s independent fiscal watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility, published a report into the impact of coronavirus on the economy and public finances.

He said: “It’s important to be clear that the OBR’s numbers are not a forecast or prediction.

“They simply set out what one possible scenario might look like – and it may not even be the most likely scenario.

“While those economic impacts are significant, the OBR also expect them to be temporary with a bounce back in growth.”

The Chancellor published an update showing that the Government have given public services an extra £14.5 billion in recent weeks.

Use the link below to read the full transcript of Rishi Sunak’s update.



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