Covid-19 HSE, the TUC and the CBI warn against businesses closing due to misunderstanding guidelines

A joint statement from the Health and Safety Executive, the Trades Union Congress and the Confederation of British Industry has warned against firms closing their doors after “misunderstandings government guidance.”

The statement confirms that “firms that can safely stay open and support livelihoods should not be forced to close by misunderstandings about government guidance,” providing social distancing best practise is followed.

Employers’ efforts to safeguard their workforce are praised in the statement, it says “Most employers are going to great lengths to ensure social distancing wherever possible. The HSE, CBI and TUC wish to publicly support these efforts.

The statement goes on to say “The health and safety of workers remains paramount. Employers are and must continue to provide workers with information about risks to their health and the actions their employers must take.”

You can view the full statement on the HSE website using the link below.


Rishi SunakAlok Sharma