Covid-19 £20 million funding for businesses to build UK resilience following coronavirus outbreak

The Government is calling on businesses to boost the UK’s resilience to the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak and similar situations in the future.

The call is the result of £20 million government funding, which will be used to issue grants of up to £50,000 to technology and research-focussed businesses to develop new ways of working and help build resilience.

These efforts will be concentrated in key  industries such as delivery services, food manufacturing, retail and transport, as well as support people at home in circumstances like those during the coronavirus outbreak.


Innovations could include:

  • new technology allowing retailers to respond better to sudden spikes of consumer demand and improve deliveries across the UK
  • new services for families to connect with and remotely monitor their elderly or vulnerable relatives, giving people peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving the services they require such as food deliveries, doctor’s appointments and paying bills
  • creating education tools which seamlessly integrate the classroom with the kitchen table, allowing teachers to remotely set dynamic tasks, support vulnerable children and make certain no child is left behind


All the projects will begin by June 2020 and will last up to 6 months, with products and services expected to be available to the public towards the end of this year.

Full details can be found on the government website using the link below.


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