How to set up conference calls to keep in touch with your team during the outbreak

While working remotely you may need to have team meetings over conference call.
There are several options to do this. Here are 2 of the best and easiest

Option 1 – WhatsApp

WhatsApp provide a free service where you can group call.
More importantly, in times of isolation you can also make group video calls with your team.
For instructions on how to setup group calls in WhatsApp please see these videos guides below to walk you through the process.

When you setup a group and add people from your contacts they are alerted immediately of the group name and you adding them in. Please keep this in mind when naming your group!

How to make a group on WhatsApp:

How to video call on WhatsApp:

For all WhatsApp how to videos visit:

Option 2 – Why Pay

There is a free “traditional style”, telephone conference service provided by Why Pay.

Simply visit the Why Pay website at and create a Free Conference Call account.
They will send you a verification email.
Once verified they will email you with a conference call number, ID and PIN which you can distribute to your team at the time you wish to make the calls. If you would like to take advantage of additional paid options you may. These are not needed for the basic conference service.

How can WHYPAY? Offer free conference calls?

Under Ofcom regulations, calls to 03 numbers are included in bundled minutes for UK callers (from landline and mobile phones), so if you have bundled minutes available at the time you dial into a WHYPAY? conference call, your call won’t cost you a penny. If you don’t have any bundled minutes, or exceed your bundle allowance, you’ll only be charged by your network operator at your standard geographic call rate – the same as for calls to 01 or 02 numbers.

If you need further reassurances, please do take a look at the Trustpilot reviews Why Pay customers or call them on 033 3443 3366.


Be careful of older 084X services, they may look cheap on the face of it, a few pence a minute however there will be additional ‘phone company access charges’ these can be upwards of £7 per minute. These services used to be much cheaper but this is no longer the case! Anything 084X is going to be costly to use.