A Blueprint for your success…


Start your business from scratch and make it profitable quickly


Keep a growing business growing as revenues grow and headroom is required.


Get other people to do the hard work for you so you are 100% free to do the Sales & Recruitment which you excel at. You can leave all the back-office to other teams.


Enjoy the best business in the world – your own business.


Reap the rewards of your efforts in full.

Our Process

We make the entire process of starting, owning & running your own business simple… Start building YOUR future NOW!

1 Click and Connect

Made the decision, lets get going, simply send us your details on the contact page and we’ll get in touch quickly with a decision.

2 Meet the Boss

Meet with us to discuss your plans in more detail and outline your business launch.

Crunch the figures

We guide you through the process of setting budgets and work out how the business will look for you.

Business Man and Woman Back to Back

4 Decision time

Everyone is agreed on the numbers leave  the rest to us and get ready for launch!

5 Get the ball rolling

Our Central Services Support Team will begin the setup process, all you need from contracts to computers, everything is taken care of.

6 Launch Day

Celebrate it’s your time to take the baton and run with it now everything is in place you need to thrive.

Your Venture is defined by these clear blueprint goals:

We remove all the time-sapping, money-draining, energy-wasting diversions which cause new companies to stall and lose their direction as they get bogged down in the “stuff” that does not make you money.

The simple fact is as a first-time entrepreneur you can lose focus and waste vast amounts of time, energy and money on things simply because you don’t know a better way of resourcing what your company needs which can be fatal to your business.

With The Recruit Venture Group there is no need to make expensive, time consuming mistakes, our blueprint to success takes care of the entire model for you putting your name and brand on the high-street with speed and supplying the resources to enable you to immediately start selling and recruiting in your current markets

Continue to do what you do best successfully… in your own business.

We fund and support YOU to start and grow your own recruitment business?

If you are thinking of launching your own recruitment business, there has never been a better time…

The recruitment industry is booming with record turnover figures, thriving sectors, employment growth and the highest start-up survival rate of any other industry.

The Recruit Venture Group business model is unique and exclusive to your industry.

If you are an entrepreneurial recruitment consultant with five years consecutive experience, a sound knowledge of your sector and the desire to go it alone we are here to support you.

We not only provide 100% funding to get you started but provide all foundations and tools you need to build and grow your business upon.

For those who have already taken a leap…, if you have a developed business that is stalled The Recruit Venture Group can get it moving again.


We set you up …

Once we’ve broken the ice, know what you want to achieve and have mutually agreed to invest within you and your business, we get on with everything to create a solid foundation to grow your business.

We register your company, create your bank account, deal with HMRC, and develop your brand identity. All delivered by a team of professionals who take away the hassle so you can get on with what you do best – RECRUIT!


100% Funding

It’s not just the business concept that attracts us to support the entrepreneurs we do but the individuals themselves.

The journey of launching your recruitment business is one we undertake together, helping and guiding each other on the way to achieve one goal – a business of your own.

The Recruit Venture Group offers 100% funding with no personal financial outlay and clears your path for a bright trading future allowing you to focus all your efforts on building your business.

You can also relax that there is no constant worry of overheads, debts or the bank calling in a loan at any moment once you are up and running.


We remove the stress | Back Office Support

You are right to be cautious about starting up on your own when you realise that the entire business is about to become your responsibility such as processing payroll, designing your website, chasing client payments and maintaining cash-flow.

But don’t panic, as we’re there for you all the way

Our Back Office Support Services are managed by experienced teams who truly understand the industry so leave it to them to keep on top of it all whilst you focus on the day job.

We regularly monitor the industry to keep up-to-date with significant changes and keep you informed but to be honest we’re more interested in actually implementing them for you, so you can get on with your day job.

We support you with:

  • IT and Communications
  • HR and Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Payroll and Credit Control
  • Accounting and Finance.


The Bottom Line | What do The Recruit Venture Group get out of it?

Finally after many years of ‘thinking about it’ you are now an Owner of your own Business.

You have all the autonomy & freedom you’re looking for.

You’re fully operational, free of worries and able to focus on what matters most – Recruitment.

You will want to grow and thrive for the long term so our joint venture package allows us to mentor, support and guide you the infant years and ensures you have the unrestricted ability to grow your business to its maximum potential. There are no limits to size, number of branches, locations etc. this is your business to take where you want with the backing of a platform which will allow you to do so.

We are shareholders within your businesses but the business is yours to take in the direction you choose, the true satisfaction comes from helping YOU achieve YOUR dream of becoming a business owner.

Our Process

Stage 1 …Click and Connect

Interested in us, you will want to know more about how we can help you launch your recruitment business, so it’s time to send us an email or complete our on-line contact form.

It’s not that we don’t like to talk on the phone but in the early stages we want to identify whether you are genuine recruitment professionals with the right amount of experience, industry knowledge and a thirst for starting your own business.

Don’t forget to attach your CV or even better your business plan so we can get to know you better.

2 Meet the Boss

Great news, you have made it through stage one and it’s time to meet the boss. You will be invited to come and meet (PAUL/JOHN) at a convenient time and place to discuss your business idea in detail.

(If you wish us to send you on a copy of our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for your own peace of mind throughout the process, let us know)

Stage 3….. Crunch the figures

Meeting has gone well, we are interested in your idea, so time to crunch those figures.

We need to make sure that your idea has the ability to become a viable one so we will provide YOU with a budget proposal to complete.

Don’t worry though if it looks a little daunting, we are on-hand to help you out should you need some financial guidance.

Stage 4 …. Decision time

Your business plan and budget proposal has been submitted, reviewed and now it’s decision time

You will be invited to visit the Office of The Recruit Ventures Group in Norfolk, where our Managing Director will meet with you to discuss in-depth your business plans and proposals.

Director’s Agreements and terms will be discussed at this meeting to provide you with a clear insight into the aims of our business and to give you the opportunity to ensure you are 100% happy that we are the right partner to help you launch your business.

If a mutual decision to proceed is reached, we will introduce you to our Central Services Team during your visit as they will be the ones to manage the process of creating your business going forward.

Our Central Services Support Team will begin to deliver our promise to help launch your business, ensuring that everything is done on-time and perfectly.

During this time, we will keep you fully up-to-date with our progress, come to you for any information we need such as your recruitment background to help create content for press releases and thought on a company name also your approval of stationary design, websites etc. as its your brand so you have the final say.

List of team members and what they are responsible for???

We work towards an agreed scheduled with you, which on average takes around  ???? weeks from receiving your signed agreement to the launch of your business.

Stage 5Get the ball rolling

Stage 6…. Launch Day

Celebrate it’s time to sign the contract and become the owner of your recruitment business.

All your branding, lease agreements, internet connection, software, business agreements, stationary etc. are in place and you are ready to go. You will be invited to attend training of your CRM system to get you up and running and we will launch your business to the press of the recruitment industry.